At an early age, Silvio Sulichin’s passion for negotiating, acute sales skills and an energetic personality became the force that poised him as a successful entrepreneur. A true visionary from an early age, Silvio Sulichin, counts on over four decades of experience in commercial and residential real estate investments, business negotiation skills, sales and marketing, commercial retail leasing and luxury publishing.

Over three decades ago, with a keen vision for business and the mind of a pioneer, Mr. Sulichin, launched an automotive parts and body shop, in his native Buenos Aires, Argentina, that continues to thrive today. Most notoriously, in 1990 Sulichin purchased an abandoned warehouse in a sketchy Buenos Aires neighborhood against all recommendations which is referred to as Palermo Hollywood today, the trendiest section of town. The foresight to see opportunities, where they are not obvious, is what differentiates Sulichin. His personal success and intuitive sense is what continues to draw investors to his side.

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A testament to this, when Mr. Sulichin opened Oceanbrick Realty, one of the first real estate office in Sunny Isles, Florida, in the early 1990’s, when the area was underdeveloped and overlooked by many. Under Sulichin’s direction Oceanbrick focused on bringing foreign investors to the area generating over $100 million dollars in sales, while bring over $700 million in investment dollars to the area. At the time, Sulichin’s decision to purchase waterfront property in Sunny Isles was criticized by many, until the property later sold for four times the purchase price. Sulichin’s keen sense of knowing where trends are headed before most is a unique quality that continues to attract investors.

In the early 1990’s, Mr. Sulichin found himself in the forefront of leasing space to foreign clients at The Rouse Company’s Bayside Marketplace and the luxury shopping center, Village of Merrick Park. Here again, his unique approach to a standard leasing operation opened doors for his clients that had once been shut; a testament to his out-of-the-box negotiating skills.

In real estate, bringing the right partners to the table is his key strength. In 2003 Sulichin brokered a deal on Hendricks Isle in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for a mid-rise residential. This $35 million dollar deal, which included the purchasing the land, securing the investor, the developer, the sales team and plan approvals for the project, were all orchestrated and executed by Mr. Sulichin.

With the launch of TRILLIONAIRE® magazine in 2010 and later TRILLIONAIRE GROUP, the investment arm, Sulichin created a platform and networking machine for the ultra rich. With Sulichin’s vision, the TRILLIONAIRE brand is steadily growing into a globally recognized tool for connecting the inner circle of wealthy individuals interested in doing business within an exclusive network.

Above all, Silvio Sulichin’s contagious personality, business savvy and unique approach is what resonate with investors.